Maryann Kirschner

Senior ConsultantLW Consulting Inc.Harrisburg, PA

Bio: Maryann began her career working in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Her diverse experience includes hospitals, urgent care centers, outpatient collection facilities, reference laboratories, pain management, outpatient services, behavioral health facilities, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, transportation services and information technology services. Throughout her 30-year career, Maryann has worked in various leadership roles demonstrating expertise in transforming operations in the healthcare industry. Her expertise includes strategic and operational evaluation and planning, compliance, risk, emergency management, process and quality improvements, physician/customer/personnel relationship management, project management, acquisitions and integration of complex entities. Maryann is a transformational genuine leader delivering exceptional results through engaging the workforce, focused strategy deployment and a genuine passion for action and outcomes.
She was recognized by the National Association of Professional Woman for her knowledge,experience and leadership.Maryann was a scientific consultant on the development team for the Blood Hound Hematology Analyzer. The American Society of Clinical Pathologists awarded Maryann for her presentation and publication on hand off communication and patient safety.She served as a spokesperson and board member of the American Red Cross. While working at a children’s hospital, Maryann identified an opportunity to educate the community on Sickle Cell Anemia. She hosted radio and television programs with a patient suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia. Maryann earned a Bachelor of Health Science in laboratory management from Gwynedd Mercy College and an MBA from Eastern University. She is seeking various certifications and advanced degrees.