Lucia M. Berte

PresidentLaboratories Made Better!Broomfield, CO

Bio: Lucia M. Berte teaches laboratories how to implement a quality management system for improving patient safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, and for meeting accreditation requirements. She also teaches how to write better documents, design more effective staff training and competence assessment programs, and understand the cost of quality. In addition to being an ASCP certified medical technologist, specialist in blood banking and diplomate in laboratory management, she is certified as a quality manager and quality auditor by the American Society for Quality. She has been actively involved in developing over 25 guidelines in the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute’s quality library. Ms. Berte served as co-leader for the revision of the ISO 15189 international medical laboratory standard published in 2012 and is actively involved in the present revision. She has authored many articles, chapters, and books, has presented numerous lectures, audioconferences and workshops on topics about laboratory quality, and has received many professional awards for her long-time contributions to laboratory quality management.