The Dark Report and the Lab Quality Confab staff would like to extend a special thanks to our benefactors, whose support contributes immensely to the success of our event:


The College of American Pathologists (CAP) cap
is a medical society serving more than 18,000 physician members and the global laboratory community. It is the world’s largest association composed exclusively of board-certified pathologists and is the worldwide leader in laboratory quality assurance. The College advocates accountable, high-quality, and cost-effective patient care. The CAP accredits more than 7,000 laboratories in more than 50 countries and serves approximately 22,000 laboratories that are enrolled in the CAP’s proficiency testing programs.

As a global leader in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, Roche Roche250
is focused on helping patients live longer, healthier lives. We are leading the way in developing tests and customized treatments that enable personalized healthcare solutions, tailored to the needs of unique groups of patients. For more information, visit

The Dark Report and the Lab Quality Confab staff would like to extend a special thanks to wish to acknowledge the valuable support provided by those who sponsor speakers, sessions, and services that contribute immensely to the success of our event:


Sysmex America, Inc. offers fully automated
hematology, sysmex200coagulation and urinalysis analyzers as well as middleware decision support software. Hematology solutions include integrated slide making/staining, tube sorting/archiving and Hg A1c, allowing labs to automate more than 90% of EDTA tubes and achieve paperless autovalidation of more than 85% of hematology samples.

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.
Sunquestdelivers market-leading diagnostic information technology solutions designed to fulfill the business objectives of today’s healthcare leaders. Sunquest’s vision is encompassed by a commitment to patient safety, workflow excellence, predictive medicine, and physician & patient affinity. Utilizing this dedication, Sunquest has developed lab solutions to keep patient-centric care at its core, while also looking towards the future. Sunquest is positioned for the future; representing the first LIS to be modularly certified for Meaningful Use, ICD-10 ready and integrated LOINC capability.

Visiun, Inc., formerly Management Insight Analytics,
offers the industry’s premier visiunDashboard for laboratory management. Performance Insight™ Dashboard clients have realized immediate improvements in performance, quality and productivity. Contact us today for a demonstration of the power, flexibility, and ease of use that the Performance Insight™ Dashboard brings to your management team.

Milestone develops pre-analytical standardization
tools, macro digital imaging systems, milestoneand rapid tissue processors, which enable laboratory professionals to produce quality results by standardizing tissue handling and preparation from the surgical suite to completion of processing.

The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH)IQMH
is a not-for-profit corporation wholly-owned by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) that offers proficiency testing, accreditation services, education and expertise in guideline development. We assist healthcare professionals in achieving high standards in quality management. In collaboration with its program provider, the Quality Management Program—Laboratory Services (QMP-LS), IQMH has over 39 years of expertise behind it.

ARUP Laboratories is a leading national reference
laboratory and a nonprofit enterprise Arupof the University of Utah and its Department of Pathology. Serving clients across the United States, ARUP offers more than 3,000 tests and test combinations, ranging from routine screening tests to esoteric molecular and genetic assays.

Chi Solutions is a healthcare consultancy focusedChi
on delivering cost savings, new revenue, and optimized operations for laboratory, imaging, and other diagnostic departments. We are passionate, outcome-oriented individuals who bring exceptional experience and knowledge to the industry with expertise in strategic options, outreach, operations improvement, financial services, and management services.

Softtech Health

SoftTech Health has been the leader in helping clinical laboratories solve their Quality Management and Document Control issues for more than ten years. The top choice of America’s most prestigious labs, SoftTech Health’s suite of quality applications was developed specifically for clinical labs like yours, to improve compliance, reduce risk, and save time and money.

Healthcare systems globally face unprecedented challenges. To help labs meet these challenges, Abbott’s Lean Consulting Team has examined the entire workflow of a specimen to provide laboratories with optimalabbott-logo efficiency. Abbott has also introduced two next generation automation solutions to help eliminate error-prone processes: the ACCELERATOR(r) a3600, a total laboratory automation system and, the ACCELERATOR(r) p540, a standalone system, allowing laboratorians to focus on what matters most: producing accurate patient results.

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